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Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: For kids wear Ethnic Monarch is providing  such FAQ’s which will be beneficial to you in buying both readymade sizes and custom made dresses/wear, This FAQ is provided to assist you in your shopping experience and we truly hope and believe that it will indeed be a wonderful one. However, no FAQ is ever perfect. So we have tried our best to assist you from these FAQ’s, if you still have a question you can mail us any of your further queries, sure to contact us!


Q.1. What are the sizes of the kids?

Kid’s sizes starts from 0 to 14. 0 size for baby up to six months. 1 size for six months to 1 year age-old, Size 2 for 2 years old kid,. Like this the size of a kid depends on his age if a child is 9 years old his size will be 9.However it’s up to your decision what size to select. Generally we suggest selecting sizes according to your child’s health and height.

Q.2. Is the rates varies according to sizes?

Yes ,rates for 0-5 sizes will be same, sizes 6-10 will be of same rates ,12-14 sizes the rate will be same. Plus sizes will vary according to health and height.

Q.3.What does custom made mean?

To buy a “custom made” dresses for your kids is to buy a dress that has been cut from a piece of cloth to measurements that we have made by analyzing yourkids body shape. We are not customizing a pre-made dress, Further more our staff has used their skill, experience and expertise to imagine the dress on you whilst they makes their notes. This enables them to adjust any measurements accordingly. Indeed, the cut, style, color, number of buttons etc are all chosen by you. The dress is therefore made to your exact specifications, and is completely unique to your kid.

Q.4.Why go for custom made or custom tailored suit?

There is nothing like the feel and look of a custom made dress for your son. Our body shapes vary considerably, and with such limited choice given to us by the shops the chances of finding a dress that fits properly are extremely rare, for kids a perfect fit dress is very difficult, so to overcome this we have introduced the measuring method for your kids in a very easy manner. Go through it we will make what your kid needs.

Q. 5. What you suggest for custom made?

Custom made options are especially for plus sizes but we prefer always go for custom made because a dress which is best fit is always a hit and comfortable . In our category Royal Wear like breeches, Jodhpuri coat, Achkan, Hunting shirt, hunting coats are to be custom made.

Q.6. What fabric we choose for Royal wear?

We take cotton, denim and linen for breeches. For Jodhpuri coat terry wool, brocade, tweed, linen and imported fabric is best, for hunting shirt you can choose corduroy, cotton and linen, for Achkan terry wool, brocade, dupian, silk, shiny material is advisable, for hunting coat cotton, linen, khadi cotton, denim, tweed is perfect. You can select from our fabric charts, the color may vary due to photographic effect.

Ordering & Tracking

1. How do I know the current status of my order?
Ans. The updates are given for the orders by us at the time of orders getting in process.

2. How do I know that my order has been dispatched?
Ans. We always send an e-mail with all the tracking details, so that the customers can track their shipment on their own.

3. Can I add maximum number of items in the cart?
Ans. Yes, you can do so.

4. what about if I have made more than one order for the same item, do you cancel another order for which I don’t want to process?
Ans. We will process with that order only for which you have confirmed the payment, rest of orders will be treated as cancelled order for which you will not confirmed the payment.

5. How I know that I have made the order on your website?
Ans. After placing the order you will get order confirmation email with order id, by this way you can trace out that you have made the order on our website ?

6. Can I change with my existing order and if yes how ?

Ans.You can make the change in order within 24 hours by contacting us By Phone,Or by email us at in such case below conditions will be apply- Item should not be from instock section.

7. If I want to change the item in order and there is any price variation then how you will adjust the price?

Ans. If price is excess then existing amount than we will send you payment link for the same OR if price is lower than existing amount then we will refund for that particular order amount.

8.How do I check the status of my order?
Ans.You can check the status of your order by following steps:
-Log on to your account by signing in.
-Click on 'my account' on top right of website header.
-Click on 'view your order history' under the my order section.

9. How will I know if order is placed successfully?
Ans.You will receive an email confirmation from ETHNIC MONARCH once your order is successfully placed. This mail will have all the details related to your order.