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Dhoti, a cloth-piece covering the lower part of the body from the waist, is a kind of traditional drapery, bearing the signature of the heritage of Indian civilization. This single piece of rectangular stitchless cloth, measuring about 5 yards in length, can give a man an air of elegance, inherent to his culture. Dhoti is known by different names in various states and languages. Punjabis call it Laacha, Malayalamis, the Mundu, Bengalis, the Dhuti, The Tamilians, refer it as Vaetti, people of Telegu, the Pancha, Marathis, the Dhotar and those of Kannada, pronounce it as Panche. In the north and the east of India, the natives don themselves in Dhoti, topped off by an upper Kurta, called as Panjabi in the east of India, especially in Bengal. The pairing changes to the south of India. There, a Dhoti is associated by angavastram, an unstitched piece of cloth passed around the shoulders. This definitely, augments the dignity in the outlook of the wearer. Sometimes, in place of an angavastram, a chokka, a version of shirt or jubba, a local type of kurta. A dhoti is the conventional male costume for attending official meetings, or ceremonial occasions, in the entire nation. Even, today`s young generation, flaunt themselves in Dhotis, ornately designed, happens to be their foremost priority, during festivals, social-gatherings and ceremonies. It not only furnishes them with an ethnic look, which is the in-thing now but oivcreasesthe element of dignity, related to manliness. This attire of eminence, Dhoti is the costume of most of the national icons too. Ranging from the ministers, politicians, national leaders, to the cultural cultivators, like musicians, poets, and men of letters, represent the nation, being Dhoti clad. Indeed, dhoti was the insignia of national tradition, a strong pillar of Gandhi’s championing of indigenous culture, in the face of the oppressive enforcement cast by the British regime in India. The glorification of Dhoti was a constituent programmed of Satyagraha movement, initiated by the venerated Bapu, the Father of India, Gandhi, during the national war of Independence in India.
  • Black Dhoti

    Black Dhoti

  • Red Dhoti

    Red Dhoti

  • White Dhoti

    White Dhoti

  • Cream Fawn Dhoti

    Cream Fawn Dhoti

  • Beige Dhoti With Golden Strip

    Beige Dhoti With Golden Strip

  • Beige Dhoti With Red Strip

    Beige Dhoti With Red Strip

  • Beige Dhoti With Bold Red Strip

    Beige Dhoti With Bold Red Strip